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    R.I.P. CD-R and DVD Drive My poor little laptop.:( It's about 2 years old now and has only been functional for about a year of that time. It has worked so hard and come so far and now the CD Drive has blurped out. So, remember my earlier post talking about how the CD Drive won't take CDs? Yeah, it's cuz it's dead. So my father called me up and said we could perhaps get an external CD Drive and save about $250 dollars. He said the only difference between the External CD Drive and the Internal CD Drive is that the External is needing to be plugged in via USB. So...I'm excited!!
  • Get a DVD-RW - as the hold more stuff and will still burn cd-r for you - the price difference is not much for either the drive or the disks (DVD v CD)!

    as for playing halo - yes I have played it, and I do play FPS type games and I would say Halo is "good" but nothing more than that. Lots of people wax lyrical about multiplayer online blah blah blah....but unless a game is specifically sold as a online multiplayer, its single player offline game has to be worthwhile.

    Whilst Halo is shiny and pretty, there are lots of others games out there that do just the same thing, but a bit better (BLACK being one recent example)
  • OOooooo Hello to Halo! Guns, big guns! EVEN BIGGER GUNS!!! (look for Unreal Tournament 2003 or 2004)

    Now to start talking like a FPS player you first must have an attitude of Kill or be Killed. Then you can start practicing your war cry and after that you taunts

    I do prefer the all time classics

    "You want a piece of me? F**k You! Come get some"

    "Suck on my BFG!"

    "Take that you bad little MuddaFlumpster alien"

    and not forgetting at 3am in the morning in the heat of the battle on the last boss that takes up 6 monitors worth of space.


    and you wake everyone up in the neigbourhood with that one