• I recently bought a ps1 game (pac-man world) have ps2, unable to save game, someone said need ps1 memory card is that correct & will it fit or work w/it?
  • They are correct.

    You need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 game saves and a PS2 memory card for PS2 game saves when your playing on a Playstation 2 console.

    I know if you can't get hold of these easy in gaming shops, plus if you do they can be expensive brand new, I would recommend having a look on E-Bay as I've just bought some PS1 & PS2 memory cards off there for very cheap.

    The reason Sony did this is because on the PS1 you had a 1meg card that was split into 15 blocks of saves, so you would get only 15 game saves. Now with the evolution of Computers & such they always need more space. So the PS2 memory card is 8meg in size but isn't split into blocks as it varies the size of the data saved from game to game. Like GTA3 save can be upto 978kb (nearly 1meg). Also Sony improved there "Flash" technology & propted for there MagicGate Flash memory like they have in there Digital Cameras for speed & security

    If your in the UK it's worth a look at GameStation and near the checkout counter they have a rack of just plastic packet stuff real cheap. I did see some PS1 cards there for about £2 and yesterday I picked up another memory card for my GameCube for only 50p!

    Hope this helps you out & good luck with Pac-man world, it's a really fun game!

    (response time 6hrs)