• I have purchased a PS1 (2ndhand) but can not get the games going. The console reads the game CD but it goes directly to a screen with options like play, shuffle, program etc. When you click on the play button it starts running (the timer) but there is no option that I see to get the game playing.

    When you reset the console it immediately goed to the abovementioned screen.

    There is an exit button. When clicked you get 2 options ie returning to the above screen and another one where it seems that data can be copied can be copied to the data card. But no item/icon appears and none of the buttons repsond when selected.

    Where do I go wrong?

    email address: [email]gideon at terason.co.za[/email]
  • Your PS1 is not reading the game disk. Try cleaning the disk and the lense inside the game console.

    Its very common for PSone console to stop reading the disks properly, so common that the replacement lasers used to be very cheap.

    You can try to re-tune the laser. Again this was very popular and quite easy to do. we have a simple guide here:


    ...and if you search for PSone laser adjustment on Google, you will find many more

    searching for new ps1 laser will get you a list of websites that sell new laser units. They are about $16 USD.

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