claim of warranty
  • Hi. I'm writing to you for about 7th times about a psp that I've bought on last December(05), paying $24dls for the warranty at Toys"R"Us. Three months of has been bought the psp, this began not functioning. calling then directly to Sony, where you informed replace the baterry(advised to me by Mr Ronald). sometimes I've been treated to communicated to you but you do not answer exactly what going to happen. I'm so sorry that little things as it happen in a big company as it as Sony. Sincerely, Thanks.
  • Jnng, sorry but we are not Sony, in fact we are completely independent of Sony and have nothing to do with them.

    Your PSP is still under warranty with Sony (they have a one year warranty) If your PSP is still not functioning correctly I would suggest calling Sony again (1-800-345-7669)and talk to them about getting a replacement unit or take advantage of that warranty you bought at Toys R US and get one there.

    (response time 2 hr 32 min)
  • I thought I'd just add a bit extra regarding the telephone number.

    The PSP's manual will have a full list of Phone Numbers on the final page of each languages the manual is in. You'll find your closest countries phone number in there.

    Keep us updated with how you get along, ok? :)