• is it true that the updated drivers for the ps2 dvd player (sold with the remote) take up a permanent 2mb on your memory card? or do you just put them on your mem card then upload them to the system computer?

    also is the sony remote far superior to the competition? i am considering buying one, but if it it isn't far superior i will just stick with using the controller which workes fine.(espically with cord extentions, no more ps2 pulled out of the cabinet and onto the floor :D )
  • [b]mavm, the new drivers can be deleted of the memory card at any time.

    To get them onto your system, you have to upload them to your memory card. You get the remote control, batteris, IR receiver and a PS2 disc that the drivers are on.

    Just turn on the machine, making sure that the 8mb memory card is in slot 1, put in the PS2 upgrade disc, close the tray (or access the disc from the browser) the disc will start up and you follow the very easy self configuration and it will upload the new driver on the memory card.

    If you are running out of space on the memory card then you can't use the special features of the remote.

    At any time you can delete the drivers from you memory card. *note, you can't copy them to another memory card, you have to upload them to it.

    As for the new update, well I've seen
  • just got the sony ps2 remote. it is pretty good, and i have decided that it is worth the investment as it is slightly easier to use than the ps2 controller,and it includes the updated drives which makes it worth it.
  • I also have bought this remote and think that it's worth the $20(13 for me) to get it and the 2.10 DVD drivers as well. The new drivers for the DVD gives you some more capabilities that were unavailable at the time. I can't remember them right now off the top of my head but they're great additions. I would recommend this remote to anyone that's yet to get a PS2 remote or even if you've bought one of the other 3rd party remotes. I know that i bought the Zenith remote and was dissatisfied. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • [b]Regarding the new Sony DVD drivers (2.10) and Regional X Hack that doesn't work with the new drivers, Well Datel has delivered the goods once again!!.

    No it's not another new cart and Disc that you have to buy, but a way to get around it using the current Regional X hardware.

    I'm not posting anything on here yet, as I've been playing around with it for 2 days now and only can get about 45% of export DVD's to work this way.

    I'll let you all know soon.
  • thanks tiff, that would be great!
  • [b]Well after week or so of working out how to use Datel's code hack you have to be careful with it as it does mess up the original settings on the Region-X cart, so if you do have to use it with the new drivers, BE CAREFUL HOW YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS

    I did however get it to work 100% with other regional DVD's

    I won't post the link here as it's advertising for another site, but mail or PM me and I'll send the link back to you