• At one point in life it seems like people all of a sudden stop worrying about the global pollution, the effect of free trade on the third world, the growing amount of resistant bacterias or the ever growing individualism and focus on one common problem.


    I can not for understand what it is about these people and their great fear that anyone would be submitted to draft. The other day I was having dinner with my year old son at a restaurant which kndly enough had opened the door to let some fresh air in (it was a pretty warm day, 25C I think). Out of the blue (or out of the toilet really) came this man who started talking to me about how I should not let my son sit in the draft. Apparently it was a leathal misstake to do so. No matter how I tried to show my lack of interest by uttering "Yeeees" and "Mmhmmm" he continued. Not even when I explained that since the door was open pretty mush the whole restaurant were drafty, and unless I took my plate and headed for the kitchen to eat I would have to sit in the draft.

    And this is not the only time I've encountered this behaviour. I've visited relatives who with great reluctance have opened a window by half an inch to stop the 10 person crowd stuffed in their kitchen from suffocating. I've had people closing the window of a bus, leaving the passangers to sweat to death rather that subduct them to a draft.

    I can see how, in the 1700 it would be somewhat dangerous to sleep in a drafty place in the wintertime. But I can't get into my head how people can be so upset placing your kid in a draft in the middle of summer. I mean, when you push them around in a stroller outdoors, in the wind, no one would think the thought that it would be harmful, in fact most people consider that a rather healthy life.
  • Definitely a hold over from older days. I can be sitting there in light summer clothes and my grandmother will be sitting there wearing a sweater and staying out of - the draft. I think it's universal, but from previous eras. Makes no sense to me either. A lot more useful to simply wash your hands a little more often.
  • Personally I prefer to be a little cold then a little warm, experts say that your child does not need to be dressed any warmer or cooler than what you have on. Sure on a really cold or windy day we would put a blanket over our sons car seat if he was in transit from the house to the car. But other than that he was dressed just like us.
    Some people assume that if you are outside in the cold or in a draft that you will get sick this is just not true. It only seems that way because the cold virus is a lot more prominent in the winter time.