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    Do ya ever have those days where you just feel that someone is beating the dead horse and not leaving it for dead? I'm kinda having one of those days today. I don't know why. I haven't been around many people today apart from all the doggies at the PetsHotel, but interestingly, my shoulder likes to act up sporatically. I think I pulled a muscle at my old job (driving trains at Knott's Berry Farm) and it hasn't healed or anything so I've been feeling sore every now and then from my shoulder...but it's just hurting so bad right now I wanna go to a chiropractor or something but my mom isn't sure it's covered by the insurance we have...so I'm a little upset.
  • Sorry to hear about your shoulder, Mel.. Same thing has happened to me, well something similar. My right arm is hurting a bit for no apparent reason and so is the inside of my right elbow joint. My arm feels like someone's grabbed it really hard and bruised it, but, as far as I can think, nothing like that has happened, weird :confused:
    Anyway, hope you get your shoulder gets sorted :hug:

    On a slightly different note. I've just found the link on the US apple website for Hard drives and, more importantly for you, DVD drives etc.
    The link is as follows:
    The Apple Store (U.S.) - Storage
    Hope that works and that helps you.
    Feel better soon,