$2,000.00 (AUD) download... What the @#$%^
  • Haven't been posting a great deal lately due to spending free time on the PC creating a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. Anyway in the last couple of days the latest CEP (community expansion pack) was released.

    Oh joy I thought, but the only hurdle was that the file in it's entirety is 390MB and I still have dial-up. :huh:

    My solution was to plug my new mobile phone into my PC and use it as a broadban modem. Yay, brilliant I thought. The MBs swiftly started downloading on my PC using my mobile. I then wondered how much this was going to cost me... At worst I thought $40.00 odd dollars so I rang Telstra whom informed me that the costing is .015 cents per KB. Times that by 1024 to give you the price in MB and times that by 133MB, the amount I have downloaded so far brings it up to over $2,000.00 (AUD) which is a small fortune in our household.

    When the Telstra call centre told me the grand total, I was close to vommitng. $2,000.00 to download content for a $50.00 game. The operator got the picture that I wasn't a happy chappy and I asked me to wait a minute. The flipside is that when she came back, apparently I'm on a two month broadband trial period and the download dropped from $2,000.00 to $0.0 as the period ends later this month. :D

    What a tense rollercoaster 20 minutes or so. Lucky for me I found out about the costing during the trial period or else I would be financially screwed..:frown:

    Thought about puting this post in the "random rants" thread but fortunatly the outcome favoured my ailing bank account.


    On a side note: Even though I'm able to use the trial period to my advantage till the end of the month. I'm now downloading the content in sections using dial-up due to the huge shock factor.....