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    I swear I write like such a high school girl sometimes. Anyway, for those of you just joining me welcome aboard the Howls of RedKenny (er...formerly RedKenny). Please remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the blog while your eyes are moving and supervise children. So anyway, today was a long day. Just a long day all together. Usually I typically vent about one thing or the other (school/work/homework/growing pains) but today was just a long day for me.
  • You are most very welcome Mel.
    Glad to hear the link actually worked. I'm never too sure when I put a link in whether it is actually going to work or not :confused:
    Anyway, glad to hear your shoulder is better. Oh, btw, did you find out whether the chiropractor (spelling?) is on your health insurance or not? I sure hope it is because sounded like you maybe needed it.
    ps You couldn't do a HUGE favour (favor as you people choose to spell it :mellow:) and post a link or even a vid of that Red vs Blue? I'm intrigued because you mention it sooo much and how good it is.