Dunno really. How about "Bringing up to speed"?
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    [drupal=52]Dunno really. How about "Bringing up to speed"?[/drupal]

    Right what can I actually put? It's been a while since I wrote anything so thought I'd best add something.Right, how about I start off with my course?I had the weirdest of days on Friday. I sent letters out to the local schools on Thursday asking if they could offer me a placement.So It's Friday, er late morning/midday ish (I think). So I get a call on my Mobile Phone (Cellphone for you Americans out there). It's the headteacher (Dean I think you guys across the pond call them) of one of the two schools I was at last year. First off she says she received my letter and would be willing to offer me a placement again because I did really well last year (oh she also asked if it was paid work I wanted because if it was she didn't have any. I explained it was just voluntary but if any paid work appeared then I would gladly appreciate it). Anyway, she said she'd phone me back next week (Er this week now) explaining when and which class I could work in.