Ps2 breaking down and burning out..
  • So, a week ago, I was up all nite playing GTA3..
  • ok well that message has shown up on mine b4, only mineit happened with my summoner game and usually happened after playing it for like 3-4 hours straight.
  • Hay where did you buy your PS2? If you bought at wal-mart or k-mart I suggest going and exchanging it for a new one enstead of waiting for it for a month.

    But no, my PS2 never has done that, and I dont know anyone else whos PS2 has don that until now.

    I think you guys leave on your PS2's to long. But that might not be the case. Mabey a weird electrical surge or spark happened when you were sleeping and thats what screwed it up.
  • I got it through Circuit City, and after a month my store warranty was up, so I have to send it to SCEA.
  • DVD movies are the only time I have experienced "Disk Read Error". If a DVD movie is very scratched is when I get it. As for pausing games I have on many ocasions left the PS2 paused or on a menu screen for a few hours and not had a problem. After hearing your story I might not be so inclined.
  • Well, problem solved.
  • How long have you had your ps2 for? I have had mine for 4 months (since the release of GT3)
  • Bought it on Sept 24th, so almost 2 months..
  • Seems to me your not a very good "parent" If you read the manual, it tells you to give it high maintence. Keeping it on for a long time isnt good at all. It also says to vaccuum the system to get rid of dust that may collect and short out your system. This may be your case. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:
  • I treat the machine like a rare gem.
  • Yeah, I vacumed my PS2 yesterday. I do that about every 3 to 4 months. You should really start doing that. It is alot better for your PS2.
  • Sorry if i pointed fingers Derek. But i dont keep my PS2 paused for a very long time.