Can you hear the thunder?
  • Heh, thats right...

    The Thunder from Down Under is back, aka Lethal, aka Rob M Staff now lol.

    Nice to be back although the place is looking very version 0.5 but I hear there are good things on the horizion.

    So hi again everyone! Hope your all well.

    .:Rob M:.
  • I thought I smelled something funny...:huh:

    The place is ruined for sure now!
  • Ugh - who left the door open for the riff raff to return?

    J/K bro - u know i love ya really :cool:
  • I thought you were off with the dingos?

    Welcome back metal dude!
  • Oh marshmellow! It appears I left the doggy door unlocked and let the smell lethal back in. LOL. Just kidding though dude, glad to have ya back.

    I missed ya man.:)

    (Random note: This is the 1000th post for me. whoopie!!):D
  • Great to have you back Lethal!
  • Nice to see you around again man.
    We finally have one of aussie peeps back. Returned to being truly global now, almost brings a tear to your eye don't it? :unsure: