plz sum1 help me NOW
  • i wanna play my ps2 but its :huh: :( ****** its not reading any discs i insert in the stoopid fing its happed once b4 but i cant fix it diz time can anyone help me plz
  • Its most likely a laser problem karuptedcrazieblond3, and thats not easily fixed. You will have to get a new laser installed and Ive heard that can be pretty expensive.

    Either that or its your discs, if they are scratched or dirty or have fingerprints they wont run.

    Those are the most two obvious problems that come to mind right now.
  • Rob is probably right on it being a problem with the laser (welcome back btw), karupted. Your system is likely kaput as well. Best options are contacting Sony (you should be able to find contact numbers in the user manual or game manuals) to ask about repairs (which will likely cost some cash) or pick up another system.
  • A quick tip/fix worth trying before spending money is the way your PS2 is positioned.

    1. If your PS2 is sitting in the horizontal position, try standing it up.


    2. If your PS2 is standing in the vertical position, try lying it down.

    I've done this before as my PS2 is the original model from the day of release. When the discs started to not read them correctly after 3 years, I stood the console up and now only after all this time it started to not read them so I've laid it back down & it still works.

    I's worth a go.

    Another one is to use a DVD/CD lens cleaner.

    Hope some of these can help.