People Make Me Angry
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    So today I woke up sick...still sick. So I got up and acted like I was gonna go to my Bible class but didn't. Instead I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my mom. Which was relatively fun, until I started feeling dizzy and then I came home and sat down for a bit and then decided I ought to give the dogs a bath. So much to the dismay of Tifa and Maddie they got a bath and now are all clean and advantaged. So that's good. No fleas just in time for Winter to roll in.
  • OK, so I'm too lazy to think about the obvious which is to google red vs blue. Gimme a break would ya? :(
    Besides, that would've been too easy to think that up, lol :laugh:
    Anyway, sorry to hear you're still feeling sick. You sure it's not anything else? ;) lol. Remember, not all women feel sick in just the morning.