Lego Star Wars 2
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  • Having never played the first Lego Star Wars game (due to the first 3 films didn't really happen in my mind as Mr. Lucas was only out for the money & not to tell a story) I was a bit ummm & hummmm over this one. You can not mess with the original Trilogy, and YES I mean the ORIGINAL TRILOGY and not the Lord of the Rings (watch Clearks 2 for more info)

    I was wrong! They have done wonders for the film & for a video game. True it's very young set genre of a game, but it's all there, all the characters, all the set scenes and all the action.

    Starting off from Episode 4: A New Hope you play along the game as if you were in the film and for my generation I know what is going to happen & and in jokes in the game make me laugh. I'm not sure that anyone under 16 years will get the links from section to section unless they have seen all of the films due to episode 1-3 of recent at the cinema.

    Graphic wise is sooooo cute and it's LEGO!! Camera angles are iffy at best & the control system is dodgy, not much response from it or the force! I've played it for a few hours & think it's an OK game that has a lot of secrets hidden in it (due to icons of other characters on doors that later on you can go back & use them to explore more levels) but what makes the game good for me is the John Williams original musical score playing through out the game.

    It's worth a look
  • Anyone looking for a lot of studs fast can go to Level 4 chapter 3 Mos Eisley Spaceport and get 350,000 stud! You will need invincibility and to create a character (Black Jedi Stormtrooper). Destroy everything in freeplay mode and walk away with the most studs I have found in any level!
  • This game is awesome! Love the graphics. the only set back I see is the camera angles, but I feel the same way about GTA IV. Just learn to deal with it. I just bought ghost yoda. Wish he had some new moves (it's just a transparent version of the same old yoda, not really worth 1,200,000 studs)
  • Lego star wars 2 is my favourite game. I've completed it! All gold bricks & red bricks ect. ! Did you know that all of the score multipliers turned on = score x 3840!!!!! One of the only things I don't like about it is that your score can't go higher than 4,000,000,000:!!!!!

    PS: look at the Lego star wars 2 cheats section you should see a cheat of mine. It has something to do with use old save. If it's not there, look later :boxing: