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  • I may have posted in the wrong spot before. I am at the digging game w/Kaguya. I can't get the water spout to work. I run out of time way too soon. I have tried this digging game so many times, I am ready to quit Okami altogether.
  • it is a very nice game
    the only problem was tht due to the hype by ea games it got hidden
  • Um, what does EA have to do with Okami?? It was put out by Capcom.:huh:

    I had finished this game awhile back and this was one of the better Action/ RPG type games I have played. The graphics looked as if pulled from scroll art, puzzles were difficult (but not overly frustrating) and lots of littlet things to find for those that like to get that 100% completion. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so now!
  • Loved it although there were a few very frustrating challenges for me. Probably couldn't have finished without resorting to walkthrough but for me, one of the best I've ever played.
  • i love this game! iv beat it 3 times and are on the 4 try. i can not put it down!