• I know that the PS2 has a little stand thingy that you can get to go with it. But what does it do and is it worth the money to buy it.
  • If you plan on leaving your PS2 sitting flat,then you don't need it.If you are going to have it standing on end,then definitely get one-it makes for a much more stable base to prevent the PS2 from being pulled or knocked down.Sony recommends using the stand if this is the case.

    The only time I would not say you need the vertical stand is if the system is going into a small space (say,between the tv and the wall of the entertainment center).That isn't really a recommended spot to place it,though-airflow may be limited and might cause the PS2 to overheat a bit.
  • I tend to agree with Lyndon about the stand and it looks pretty cool too, althogh I did read an article in last months PSM2 mag that sais pretty bluntly that it is the biggest waste of money accesory for the PS2. I stand my console up so dont want to take any risks of it getting knocked over.