Ladies - anyone wanna dance?
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    Alright here goes with my first in a series of blogs while I'm reviewing Dance Factory from Codemasters.OK, so got the game, via this site, yesterday.I decided, at about 20:15 (8:15pm) last night, to try the game out.So, I took out my Kingdom Hearts II games, placed the game in my PS2 and put my PS2 on from it being on standby mode.I got one of my two dancemats out and plugged it into controller port 1.
    I was ready to go.

    ps Please be advised that this is a loooong blog. Maybe you should do it in steps? :unsure: You have been warned :mellow:
  • Personally Jay, I love to dance on those dance games. I used to play the Konami Dance games when they were for PSone. I bet I could beat you:D.
  • You know what Mel? I bet you could beat me as well. I can't go above easy level. So, even if you could only do normal level as well as easy, you'd still beat me.