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    I've just came off my first of 3 night shift rotation & boy I'm feeling sore. Even though I was suppose to do a 12 hour 5pm to 5am shift we got ahead of ourselves & finished at 3:15am. sounds good & it is. Due to my contract I can knock off early if my quota is filled & still get paid for a full shift.I feel like a child at Christmas creeping around the house as I don't want to wake up Jane as it will be the middle of the night for her. I'm going to shower, wind down & creep into bed around 5am for a quick sleep & be up for 8am for breakfast with Jane before she goes to work. I'll pop back to bed for another sleep until around 1pm & get on Kingdom Hearts 2 till 4pm
  • Night shift work... the life of the undead. At least, that is the way I often feel. I spend half the year working night shifts, rotating back and forth between days and nights every three months.

    The way I approach my sleep is simple. When I'm on nights, I stay on nights. It is too hard on the body (at least for me) to try and be a "daywalker" for a couple days a week. So, to keep my sleep patterns regular, I sleep all day and stay up all night. Basically, the life of a vampire (without the bloodsucking and all that junk).

    The bad part is the wife and I are like ships passing in the port. So, the time we get to spend together is truly valuable. The good part is you can watch whatever you want on TV or play video games all night long.

    No matter how you approach it, it's rough working 12 hour night shifts. You never really get great sleep, especially if you've got obnoxious neighbors. Mine seem to a knack for making noise when I need my sleep the most.:mad: