Helping sometimes hurts
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    Well I've just recently wrote a reply to Mels blog Difficult Things (Rated PG-13) and it hasn't half knocked me for six.Do you ever try to help someone and end up egtting upset yourself?I guess it was my own fault. Maybe shouldn't draw on experiences from own life to help other people especially if they upset you?Ah well, I hope you get everything sorted Mel.Makes you think though. There's always people with problems worse than your own.
  • Writing too much?! There's no such thing!!;)

    Thanks for your help Jay. It really meant a lot to me. I'm sorry that you ended up getting upset yourself:( but it did help me out.

    I'm gonna have a little chat with her tomorrow.

    Oh and also, don't worry about the "morning sickness" comment you gave me. Oddish gave me the same sort of comment back at the old site and it didn't bother me at all.;) It didn't make me upset at all so don't worry.

    Take care!