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    Just Cause is yet another Grand Theft Auto wannabe, so you wont be too surprised to hear that it is set in a huge map full of people going about their everyday lives. You can steal their cars, run them over, shoot them, or just scare them a little.Annoy the cops and they will chase you, usually ending up as a big shootout.The game is far more 'James Bond' than GTA games have been. Your character can pull off some pretty amazing stunts that add a nice new angle to this type of game.
  • GTA with stunts huh?? Sounds like True Crime to me!
  • I got bored with it within 2 hours. It was hyped up for months in OP2M mag and only got 7/10 in the end.

    I do recommend that you hire it before commit money to buying it.
  • I just wanna drop that my brother is on the design team that created.
    So if you wanna have a list of easter eggs and so forth (if there are any) I might be able to get them for you.:)