• i am stuck in re1 in the art gallery room with the crows under all the pictures is a switch and i have pressed them all and nothing happens then when i press the last switch the crow come down and kill me. what button do i press? and also how do u get the helmet key?
  • Well I'm a bit rusty here, but you have to enter them in order from birth to death. I remember that the first is the newborn infant and last is the old man, the helmet key is well I think if I say it I might give part of it away, but tomorrow I'm going to play it and find out cuz I havent played it in along time. Wait, who are you playing as, Jill or Chris? If this is your first time playing then I suggest being Jill since Barry helps you when your trapped and sometimes in a boss fight
  • thanx for the help mengsk i was geting a bit frustrated. by the way i am playing as jill casue my friend said it was easyer
  • Well I have good new and bad news on this. Good news I remember were you can get all the keys. Bad news: I forgot the names of them and I have the Directors Cut. Well here the location of them are.

    1. (must have wooden emblem, get in dining room) Go in the dining room and enter the hallway were your first fight was and go to back of the hallway (opposite of the corpse) and open the door on the right (back door is locked) the push the box and get the score. Use the score on the piano thus opening a hidden door. Go in and take the golden emblem. When the door closes place the wooden one on the hole. Go to dining room and place the golden emblem. Get the key (I think it's the shield key)

    2. (must have chemicals) Go in the dining room (second floor) and knock over the statue. (you can get the gem later through the short cut) Go to the room and fight the zombies. Head down stairs and go all the way to the back of the two hallways. If your in the right room use the chemicals in the water pump (upper hand of the room) and the plant dies. Grab the herbs (mix em to save space) and the key. (I think that it's the armor key)

    3. (spoiler) If I remember correctly you have to defeat Plant 42. To do so use flame rounds. (if you have them) Even if you dont kill him Barry will come and destroy it, I think. Grab the key out of the fire place? if not talk to Barry and he'll give it to you.
  • Sorry for the late reply but with school starting (along with football...groan) I have little time. Well Did yu open up the books by exaiming the sides? If you did there is a place after the boulders were there are a welded door shut and a fountain. On the sides of this is a place were you can put them (it says there is a carving of the animal) place them there and it opens up. I think (but not 100% sure) that it's after the BIG spider fight and the snake fight
  • It's definately after the big spider fight.