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    [drupal=62]Chivalry Dead?[/drupal]

    [b]I was supposed to hang out with my boyfriend today once he got outta school at 3:30pm. Sure enough here it is 6 Pm and I haven't heard from him. I've always been under the impression that all men know that it is not acceptable for a man to keep a woman waiting. Am I wrong? Are men completely different now?? Tell me APi! (Most of you are men, so answer me and please be honest!)
  • I won't go so far as to say all men know this but I would hope most do. If something came up that would keep me from meeting up with a woman I would make sure word got to her somehow at least so that she isn't kept waiting like you were. Hope he had a good reason (for his sake).
  • Kick his A$$ mel!!!

    Ive only been stood up once (thats pretty good going!) and he sent his mate round to tell me why!
    There are 100 reasons he may have been late - here hopes its a good one :o
  • I agree with Lyndon. Most guys know NEVER to keep a girl waiting unless it's a VERY good reason. Even then, you gotta get word to her or, at the very least, start with an apology, and then explain, the next time you see her. The majority of us here at APi would not leave you hanging Mel :hug:
  • You said you wanted honest answers... I hope you are prepared for the truth.

    It sounds to me like it's a matter of priority. Maybe you are not at the top of his list? This sounds brutal, I know, and I don't mean to be cruel, but the guy seems to be a constant source of distress. More often than not, it seems he disappoints you. To me, that doesn't sound like commitment.

    Let me relate to when I was younger. There were times when I was a complete ***hole when it came to certain girls I would date. My friends always came first, so if something was going on with them, the girl usually got the shaft. Going to the beach, a pick-up game of football, just hanging out with friends etc. all took priority over seeing the girl. She would get time with me when I wanted it, on my terms and as often as suited me. I always knew she would be waiting for me and a few words would smooth over anything she might be mad about. If she couldn't handle that, there was always another one who would do. Not until later did I start to put those girls at a higher priority and really take notice of their feelings.

    Chivalry can't be dead if it never lived. Men know about the rules, but whether they choose to follow them or not is the key. Is this an isolated incident or is it a pattern? That is what you really should examine. I hope, for your sake Mel, he isn't anything like I used to be at his age.