Our New Arrivals!
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    Me and tiff brought home 2 little bundles of fins! - Yes 2 new fishes to add to the collection!! Baby Dante and Leon. The woman in the pet shop thought we were mad as we were arguing about names - (Bam and knoxville were also front runners!)We are now having a chilled sunday watching the Formula 1 (muh wha ha ha schumacher just left the race!)Go Fernandez!!!Have bought Lego Star wars for the DS to keep me entertained on the trainride to Glasgow.
  • Congratulations on your new additions Jane! Does this mean that Tiff's baby gerbils are going to be jealous of the little fishies?:o
  • There not my gerdils, got them little burgers for Jane's birthday & it's me that has to feed them, bed them, play with them & bath them (please don't try and bath a gerbil as they can drown in 3mm of water. I use proper cleaning cloths). At the moment Spike & Angel are in a sulk due to they knw there are newbies in the house, plus I took them out of there home & totally clean it out.

    I must be bloody mental getting the new lads as the fishes that are in the tank seem to have control over me & I tend to spend some time talking to the aqua buddies.