PSP Calculator needed
  • I Can't Download A Calculator Plz I Need Help
  • We aren't exactly supporters of homebrew here, narutokun- might want to check at wherever you are trying to download from. Chances are someone there can help you out.
  • i need help with something else too i trying to find good demos that aren't homebrewed becasue i have 2.81 on my psp and i only found 2 demos
  • That would be why the calculator won't work- it probably is designed for a lower version of firmware.

    So far there haven't been many demos released other than the ones that came out with the firmware upgrades. I did find one more that was leaked from the Tokyo Game Show, it's for a kart racer of sorts based on Ape Escape (you knew it was just a matter of time). If you'd like to give that a try I can e-mail it to you along with instructions on which folder to put it in.

    There is a PSP demo disc with the November issue of the Official US PlayStation magazine- it's a demo of Killzone: Liberation, I believe.
  • i would like to get it please my email is tampabylighting34 at
  • so did u send it yet
  • Dang, you're impatient! :p

    I have it going out now through my GMail account. It's an 8 MB file so it's taking a bit to go out.
  • ok sorry i just watching football so i am a little hyper
  • do u have a psp and if so what is ur memory stick and how much can it hold
  • If i didn't have a PSP i probably wouldn't be looking for things like that now would I? :p

    Had my PSP from day 1 and I'm currently using a 1 GB stick (just in case i decide to put some videos on there). That's usually more than enough for most I think. If you look around you should be able to find some good deals on them.
  • i got 1gb too but what kind is it mine is sony
  • Nope, mine is made by Lexar, one of the top names in the manufacture of flash memory. They've been doing it longer than Sony and it was less expensive too.
  • how much was it
    mine was 80 dollars
  • u done the thing yet
  • where are u