• How Much Will The Ps3 Cost (approximately) And Will It Still Be Out Nov. 11?
  • That November 11 date is only for Japan. North America gets the PS3 on November 17. Suggested retail prices are $499 US for the 20 GB model and $599 US for the 60 GB model.

    Now, before you ask 'what's the difference between them" I happened to cover that for someone else here. :)

    Now, i've been seeing it rumored that places like EB and Gamestop will be taking preorders starting tomorrow. If you're really wanting one on launch day a preorder may be the only way to somewhat make sure. We're only seeing 400,000 of the things on day 1 so they will be spread very thin across the US and Canada

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  • In Japan it's spread even thinner with them only get 100,000.
    Of course, over here in Brighty, and the rest of Europe, it's spread sooo thin it's literally none existent and we have to wait until March 2007 for 'our' PS3s :mad: