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    It took two weeks time for me to get sick. It took two weeks time for me to go to the doctor. It took two weeks time for my body to recuperate. And it also took two weeks time for me to realize I'm still not well. Hung out with my boy tonight and he said that I should go see the doctor again. It's been two weeks since I started taking meds. But my argument is.. "It's bronchitis! What are they gonna do that they haven't already done?" Granted, I have taken my meds but yet I'm still wheezy.
  • Awww, Mel. So two years later you're going to sleep earlier? That's er different to say the least, thought you're supposed to stay up later when you're older :eek:
    Anyway, if you're still suffering from your Bronchitis then I'd go and see the doc straight away if I was you. Even if they just change your meds, it might be better.
    Anyway, hope you're ok today :hug: