Broadband Speeds for Gaming
  • Considering broadband internet in the near future as dial up is way too slow. As far as gaming is concerned, what kind of speeds should I be looking at for gaming purposes? Would 256K cut it with games like World of Warcraft or Battlefield 2?

    Just shopping around at the moment.
  • I would think you may run into some lag with that yet. I'm not entirely sure what would be available to you but maybe this will help. The List is a listing of every internet provider, what they offer and links to their sites. That link will give you all the net providers in Australia. Good luck!
  • Cheers Lyndon, I'll give that site a whirl. The funny thing is, I have played Battlefield 2 using dial-up and it did actually work to my amazement although the time lag and FPS were as expected. Only played it the once.... Don't make a very good soldier when waiting for the screen to refresh.