Trivia and Quiz general rules
  • In case you are new to forum trivia and quizzes here is a brief and general walkthrough.

    Someone asks a question.
    Others try to answer the question.

    When someone gets the answer right the one who stated the question makes a post saying so. You can't be certain that you are correct until the one who stated the question tells you so.

    Once you have been told you are correct you may post a question of your own. You may not pose questions unless you have 'won' the previous round.

    Sometimes it seems that the one who posted the question has gone missing (you'll have to sense when this is the case, but wait atleast a week). In such cases it is customary to make contact with the questionmaker and remind her/him that (s)he has been neglecting the thread. If that doesn't help you may override the previous rules about waiting for the question poster to acknowlege the correct answerer.

    Sometimes it seems like no one is able to answer your question.
    In such cases it is customary to give hints.

    That's the basic rules.
    Trivia and quiz threads may have additional rules so make sure you read the first post in the thread.

    Now, get out there and create threads.
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