• As I am new to the PS2 I am wondering what exactly a gameshark is, how you use it?, what it looks like? (and how much it costs?) and also if you can muck the ps2 up with it?
  • A gameshark is a cheat device that hacks into the games coding and changes it while the gameshark's on. You can also play imported games with the use of this cheat device. For the PS2 you must use the gameshark 2 and it's approx. &#3639.99. I personally don't have one but i'm pretty sure that the gameshark 2 is in CD format with a dongle. A dongle looks almost like a memory card but it definitely isn't. To use one, Plug the dongle into memory card slot 1 or 2 and the cd in the drive(of course). The gameshark lite is used for the PSX games in the PS2. I hope that this info was helpful for you and i hope after this small tutorial you know more about gamesharks than what you came in with. Well, enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

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