Death of a great Snooker star and general human being
  • I thought I'd quickly put this regarding Paul Hunter.
    If anyone doesn't know he was a Snooker player who died on Monday 9th October 2006 from Cancer of the Stomach.
    He was only 27 and would've been 28 this Saturday.

    I personally met him when my Sister got married 2 years ago. He attended the evening do with his then girlfriend, who he later married.

    He leaves a Wife and 9 and a half month old daughter who will never know her 'daddy'.

    I wish his family all the best.

    For the news article regarding this great Leeds hero (the David Beckham of Snooker as he was regarded) visit BBC - Leeds - Sport - Loss of a Leeds star

    R.I.P. Paul
  • Best wishes to all of his family.

    Sounds like a great guy.
  • i'd never heard of the guy but read this on another forum. So i'll say what i said there - Its always sad to hear about someone cruelly taken away - It's even worse when you find out he had a baby daughter

    My heart goes out to all the family
  • Granted he wasn't as famous as the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry etc... But, like I said, he was considered the David Beckham of his sport, not least because he was forever changing the style of his hair, like Beckham does, until he unfortunately lost it all through his chemo.
    Apparently, it's been stated that, instead of mourning his death, his wife is going to be celebrating his life, which is surely a good thing. Obviously she will mourn, but it's good to celebrate such a rich life as well.
    His funeral is to be held, I think next week my dad was saying, at a Leeds church.

    Anyone wanting to find out what NETs actually is, which Paul Hunter died from, can find out about them here: [URL=""]NET Patient Foundation Inc