DVD sound messed upon my PS2
  • Ive played about 5 dvds on my ps2 and evry time I do I have to turn the sound up to its max! And it screws up the speakers on my tv. So I took my ps2 and connected it to the familly rooms tv witch is alot bigger than my tv in my room. So I played a dvd on it and the same thing happened . I had to turn up the sound all the way. Do I have a defective dvd player in my ps2? Or can I buy something to fix that problem?
  • That certainly doesn't sound right.
  • thx for your help. i havent tride it yet but i wil in a minute thx.
  • I figured it out it wasnt the ps2 its was the hook ups. I had a rfu adapter hooked up instead of a vcr hook up so I changed it and no wit works great. and the sound for my playstation2 games are even better than before. Thanks for your help again.
  • I've also had the same problems with my PS2.
  • All DVD's are kind of quiet. Especially in parts when there is just talking. Then a big explosion or some sort of action occurs and it is much louder that the talking. Just like in the Theatre's