anyone lucky enough to get a ps3 preorder
  • just wandering if anyone got a preorder. Im close im 3rd on a list really hoping that it works out. anyone else out there?
  • Unfortunately those preorders were only in the US- no word on when EB will be doing them in Canada (although I did spot someone speculating the 17th over at gamespot's forums).Hopefully they get it going soon- I don't want to rely on luck like I did the PS2 and 360!

    Well, soon after i typed this I found out EB in Canada is doing preorders on Monday, Oct. 16 (the speculator was close anyway). Guess I'll be making an early trip in to try getting on the list. :)
  • Ha!
    That's a laugh!
    I remember pre ordering my PS2 way back when it came out, and I pre oredered it at that crappy Good Guy store..... Remember them??? Good riddens to them!!... Oh!, back to the pre order...anyway the day before I was to go pick it up.... I was told there wouldn't be as many PS2 machines as was I was told so I being one of the later persons to pre order... I was given my deposit back and told Sorry..... *&%$#@!$#. that's what I said to them!
    And I never shopped there again!

    The happy end to that story was that I ended up standing in line at best buy all night and was number 11 on the list at the door to get my consule.
    They only had 89 units too! :-)

    I will be looking to stand in line somewhere over night or I will just wait for more units to come around.......

  • Well we obviously have to wait until March next year. However, as I've mentioned a couple of times on this site already, I've already pre-ordered my PS3 back in March/April or something like that. Anyway, I was like third on the list I think, so I should be guaranteed one at launch (fingers crossed). I've paid I think
  • Well, I was able to get a PS3 reserved (i was 4th out of the 5 preorders available) so hopefully i'll be geting a call to come pick that sucker up on the 17th. B)
  • Show off :p
    Now hand that pre-order over as a competition prize now, now dammit, NOW :mad:
    :laugh: seriously though, go you Lyn, now just make sure you don't lose it, or get drunk and use it as collateral (spelling?) in a game of high risk poker, ok? You lose and you'll feel mondo stupid in the morning, uh-huh :o
  • No worries on that count- i don't drink (a canadian that doesn't drink- bet you ddn't think that ever existed did you?) and the only poker I play is pretty much online freeroll tourneys (unless i have some female volunteers for a round of strip poker ;) ). That receipt is staying tucked into the wallet right beside the one for the Wii preorder.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    That receipt is staying tucked into the wallet right beside the one for the Wii preorder.

    Now someone is getting majorly greedy me thinks. Pre-ordered both of them? Now I know you can give one of them as a prize :p
    Obviously would have to be the PS3 pre-order though as we don't do Nintendo on this site :D