• basically my ps2 does not detect my online adapter and i have no clue how to fix this can some one plz help me on this one!!!
  • This is the actual Sony network adaptor we're talking about here? If so it's very odd that it would not detect it even being on there.

    If we're talking your network connection, however, it could be a matter of one of your settings not being entered correctly. Could you give a bit more detail as to exactly what is happening?

    Has your PS2 EVER detected your online adapter ?

    How old is the PS2 ?

    How old is the adapter - did you buy it new or second hand ?

    What kind and speed of internet connection do you have ?

    Did you use the installation disc with the adapter, save the config to your memory card and get a user number with it ?
  • yes this is a sony online adapter, and i dont think its the connection because this adapter was hooked up to another ps2 with the same connection and it worked. My ps2 is failry old and i had the adapter for like 2 years. i bought the adapter new. i have cable internet. Also when i go to try the instaltion disc it says there is no hardware detected. It also does this when i go to setup up a configuration. So at this point i figure that im not goin to be playin online anytiome soon :frown:
  • Hm, ok. Only thing I can think of is something is busted either in the adaptor or the PS2 where it connects the two together. Would you be able get a friend to bring their PS2 to your place to check this or maybe take the adaptor there and attempt to set up on their machine?
  • yea i guess i could try that