Opposites attract.
  • Does the old saying "Opposites Attract" apply to you?
    Let's hear what your partner (present or past) had or did that was so different from what you had or did that you just couldn't restrain yourself.
    Or maybe your partner (or anyone you find attractive) and you are exactly the same?
  • Personally I think it may be better the whole "opposites attract" thing. I mean, my ex and I were practically the same person. We knew what the other was thinking, we could finish eachothers sentences. However, in the end, we broke up and it was a reall bad breakup. Maybe we were too similar. So that's my reasoning behind me hoping to end up with someone not as similar as me and my ex were. Might workout next time that way? :confused:
  • Though I don't really have a "mate" per se right now. I do have a boyfriend. He and I are similar in some ways, but not all. He enjoys things I don't (politics) and I enjoy things he doesn't quite care for (videogames), but in the end it really just makes things that much more interesting. He and I both exercise listening to what the other is interested in. For example, if I wanna tell him about my Sims on my videogames he'll be happy to listen and if he wants to tell me about something going on in the government, I'll lend him my ear for sure.:D

    I suppose it really just depends on the person though. My best friend and her boyfriend are very similar and they are intending on getting married at some point later in the future so I suppose it's really just different for different people.
  • Me and tiff are very alike in things we enjoy doing. In fact things that i enjoy have now become his hobbies too. I enrolled us on rock climbing courses as its a passion of mine and he really enjoyed it. Same with the badminton. I think ive also shown him a side to shopping that no other man knows about!!
    He in turn has got me hooked on formula1 and superbikes, Bands i had never really listened too until we started dating.

    I think a lot of it has to do with the place we were in lives when we met. Tiff is living his life now after spending the past 15 years caring for his sick parents - He can now let his hair down!

    I really dont think opposites attract - When it comes down to it - you have to have the same views on love, life and the universe!