Official sony controller extentions
  • Why aren't any official sony controller extentions avaliable. I have a large TV, and i don't want to sit too close, and the only extentions that i have seen are interact, but they are not official, and so they may fry your system. Does anyone know if these are any good? if so have you had them long? I need to know soon, as i am going out tomorrow, and i will be near the game store, so i will stop in quickly and pick them up
  • The only way to do a 100% guarenteed to work extension would be to include a small booster unit in the cable that stopped the voltage drop that occurs in the extra length of cable... this is the route Sony would take and it would be too expensive for them to sell enough to be worthwhile.

    I dont think 'frying' your machine is on the cards though, however there is the possiblity that games that use the analog features of the pad wont work as precisely, but having said that I know that Tom R STAFF uses a non Sony extension and dont think he's had any problems and hes playtested over 40 PS2 games :)
  • I love my controller extentions. They are the only none Sony product I use with my PS2 ( they are perfomance brand ). If I did'nt use them my PS2 would sit on the living room floor to get steped on I rather like it on the shelves with the rest of my home theatre set up. I have had next to no problems with my extentions. The only one would be some games sometimes (very rarely ) the anolog light cuts out leaving me with no controll. I hate things that are problematic but this happens so rarely that I can stand it, when it does happen I just unplug and replug the controller to the extention and it works again. Better than pulling my living room furature 5-6 feet from my TV my extention give me an extra 10 feet to work with which lets me keep the cables flat on the floor so no one trips on anything. If Sony wants the PS2 to be the central part of peoples home entertaiment system it should be able to sit in the shelving with the rest of the equipment meaning the cords should be 10-15 feet to start with. 7 foot cord limits your positioning options to the coffey table or living room floor, or sitting far to close to your TV which will make us all blind thus ruining there market. Sony Brand problem free controller extentions would be a god send and I know alot of people who have expressed interest in them after seeing mine.