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    Well folks, I just went to the EB Games we have here and got me two more games. One is called Dance Factory (courtesy of Jay's review I decided to get it) and the other was good old Kingdom Hearts.:D I played Dirge of Cerberus for quite awhile today. It's certainly hard to play since I am used to RPG's. However, after awhile of playing it I got the controls down and was able to get things done quickly.
  • You've just got Kingom Hearts 1? Ooh that's a good game. Completed it fully with the extra ending. Not much of an extra ending if I remember correctly. Think you've got to get ALL the torn pages from the Book of Pooh in order to get the extra ending. It's a good game though.

    Also, I know it's technically Nintendo, but I completed Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on GBA last year as well. That's the link game between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2. You do get to see scenes from Kingdom Hearts: COM in Kingdom Hearts 2, but much better if you play and complete the game. I actually completed BOTH stories on Chain of Memories. I completed the Riku story that is unlocked after you complete Soras story.

    As I've said on this site already, I'm now playing Kingdom Hearts 2. I'm so close to completing the game it's frustrating almost. I'm at the stage where I'm about to fight the last three bosses or something like that. I'm trying to get the chuffing materials required in order to Synthesize the best weapons in the game:
    Donalds Save The Queen
    Goofys Save The King
    Soras Ultima Weapon
    That's the only thing really, apart from getting all the Gummi Ship pieces, that I would use the Action Replay codes for. I need like 99 of every stone/gem etc. Grrr it's annoying not being able to find the required materials :(

    Anyway, what was my point again? Oh right, make sure you definitely get KH2 and, if you've got a GBA or DS, get KH: COM, ok Mel? Trust me, they're both good games. Although COM is a bit weird in the sense you use cards to attack, but you'll find that out if you get it :)