Connecting PS to portable DVD Player
  • Is it possible to connect an original playstation to a portable dvd player?
    I want to use the dvd player's screen as a monitor for the ps. In other words, I want to hook the ps up in the same way you would hook it up to a t.v. (i.e., I don't want to try to play the games *on* the dvd player, I know *that* can't be done). The dvd player has a/v "out" outlets, so I guess I'd have to get some sort of a/v "in" adapter, but don't want to go through trouble/expense if it can't be done.

  • Unless your DVD player has a/v inputs now it won't be possible to do. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  • My portable DVD player has AV out jacks as well but it also has a switch to change them into AV in jacks. If you still have your owners manual check it, I'm sure there will be something in there.