ps3 hookup on older hdtv
  • i have a an older hdtv that only has a component hookup, will i get the hdtv expierence with this setup?:confused:
  • Yes, Mike, you will have no problems. Component is easily capable of handling hi-def and is the best alternative if your HDTV doesn't have an HDMI input for the PS3.

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  • My understanding is that you can use a special cable adaptor with HDMI on one end and either DVI or component on the other end. This will, I believe, allow you to use the PS3 with 1080i or 702p, but NOT 1080p.

    However, I understand that if your input to the television is via component connections, then the player (PS3, Blu-Ray-DVD, HD-DVD) will NOT transmit a signal in the best format. The HDCP copy-protection built into the DVDs PREVENTS a full 1080p picture from being viewed via component. The full 1080p is displayed only via HDCP-compliant HDMI (or DVI with HDCP).

    This is also partly dependent on whether the manufacturer of the DVD turns on the HDCP security code on the product. We're at their mercy, and the newer DVDs will no doubt have that turned on.

    This is supposedly to prevent illegal copying of hi-definition DVDs, which is easier to do via component. (Not that someone won't figure out a way to defeat the HDCP.)

    In other words, those of us who bought hi-def televisions that have component but no HDMI inputs (or no HDCP-compliant inputs) are out of luck. Even if we buy a hi-definition player (PS3, standalone Blu-Ray DVD player, or HD-DVD player), we'll get a picture that's less than what we paid for because of the copy protection.

    So, be forewarned that if you play a Blu-Ray DVD on your PS3, the picture (depending on your connections) may NOT be 1080p - even if your set can display 1080p. I'll bet most of the sales people out there don't know this. They certainly didn't tell me when I bought my hi-def set that had compnent inputs but did not have HDMI.

    If I'm wrong about this, please let me know. I get a good picture on my set, but I'll bet it could be better!

  • You are right about component being a bit inferior to HDMI- this is due to the translating from digital to analog and back again. Howveer, i do believe you are incorrect about the PS3 not being able to get 1080p over a component connection.

    According to Sony's own support pages the PS3 can get 1080p over component. How high you actually get depends on if the disc (be it game or movie) supports it as well as if your tv supports it. As for HDCP, that isn't being enforced for a couple of years yet and the cost of copying Blu-Ray is still too limited for piracy there to get going.
  • dear lyndon,

    i have the new 40gb ps3 i just picked up the new panasonic plasma yesterday and i connected the ps3 via component to it the ps3 reconized the component connection but would not accept the selection of 1080p only when i unchecked it , the ps3 accepted it hence i am getting a maximum of 1080i via component

    i am currently running s/w version2.35 , do i need to upgrade a newer s/w or am i doing some thimg wrong

    or the ps3 does not do 1080p via component

    awaiting your reply

    thanks and regards
  • "dear lyndon"? It's a forum post, not a letter. :p

    The PS3 does do 1080p via the component. The problem is likely the tv not being able to handle 1080p connections.

    BTW, you should upgrade the firmware- you're missing out on some extra features that were introduced with the last few.
  • which is better 1080p or 1080i
  • 1080p is as good as it gets. Not many games actually support it, however- most are made to run at 720p natively. As for 1080i, it gets a stuttering problem with fast moving images so it isn't suited for gaming at all. If your tv can handle 720p and 1080p, check those two boxes in the video settings and leave the 1080i box empty.
  • i thought 1080p makes the graphics look even better