Errors reading some games
  • Help. Is there something wrong with my PS2?
    My Shaun palmer games has intermittent music. It comes on briefly and then stops. It used to work fine.
    I just got Grand Theft auto 3 and that is getting errrors.
  • Either the discs are in poor shape with scratches and such or the lenses inside the PS2 for reading them are out of alignment.If it isn't the discs,get your PS2 looked at.
  • I read some where that if you own ps2 games with blue bottom discks they could scratch easier if it was the side of the clear if the bottom is not blue I do not know what the problem is.

  • Hey Man I Get The Same Thing On My PS2 All of the Errors And Stuff But I Think My PS2 Scraches My Games. Do you ever notice a ring around by the center?