On the road with Shadow of the Colossus
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    [quote]Not been blogging as late due to shift work, but now getting to reviewing games again & not keeping with new releases I'm sort of doing a back catalogue of games that should be reviewed.So far I've had the pleasure of getting my hands on Bully, the game not beating up a real one and passing on it due to it needs a good week of play time.One game that stands out for me in the past was Ico and when they announced a sequel to it a few years ago I thought it would have to be spectacular to beat that rare cult like status game. Try buying it today & you can, but all you get is the blue PS2 cased game. Back when Ico was released and it was released as a limited game it came in a cardboard satin case with 4 limited edition postcards. Not thinking at the time I only borrowed the game & soon after I thought I should get it for the collection for replay value it vanished from the gaming shelves. Sony deleted the game 6 months after the game was released. Now a sort of a rare item on e-bay, an original mint copy can exchange for around
  • That ICO game - How many weekends did we spend trawling round game shops???? Nearly all in the North East, North West, Even when we went to edinburgh he wouldnt stop!!