World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions - Playstation 2
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  • I played it and I liked it because I was good at it. I feel the showdown scenarios are a huge help in teaching real aggresiveness.

    Yet to play online, but I would play PokerStars for that, unless I wasn't over 21.
    As far as visually:
    Overhead view stinks. I wish looking around was more fun. Where were those programmers during the "exploration as a motive" keynote speeches?!
    The cinematic view is done nicely, but gameplay. I know the name of the game is WSOP TOC. But it's so much easier, funner, more realistic, and easier to follow, IMO, when it is set up in the traditional online poker game format. Plus the sport of poker could use a few more trained ATM's online! jj.

    Poker is poker----Any hobby is in essence, an addiction.