World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions Game Help PS2
  • If you need any help with the game World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions on the PlayStation 2 please ask it in this area, so that we can keep all answers in one place.
  • i cant get the cheat to work up up down up up down left right circle on the main menu... any suggestions on what i am doing wrong ?
  • I am wondering why three pro players do not appear on my playstation 2 game .they are Roland de Wolfe,Dennis Waterman and Aaron Kanter. I have won all the tournaments and have collected the takedown chips for all the other pros .Thanks
  • Hi !!! is there any cheat in this game that would allow me to see my opponents cards ???,...if so, that would be SWEET !!!
    If any of you have an answer please send it to my e-mail ( THANKS !!!
  • And where would the challenge be in that, evan? ;) Sorry but you are going to have to win honestly.