ps1 game wont save on ps2
  • when i try and save soul reaver for ps1 on my ps2 i get the message "no memory card found" whats the deal?
  • Ok first of all. A ps1 game can be saved on a PS2 memory card. If thats not your problem and you have a third party memory card, which is like the mad catz tht saves 1044 blocks or so. Then it might not recognize it. Happened to lots of us. I dont like to save ps1 gams on a ps2 and vice a versa and i always buy Only Sony Made memory cards. Try that and see if it works. If you can explain yourself a bit more than ill know whats up.
  • The PS2 memory cards don't work with PSX games even if you are playing on a PS2. PS2 games can't be saved on PSX memory cards either. Also as Gene said, sometimes 3rd party memory cards go on the fritz and don't want to work. It may be this but if you are using a Sony memory card then it could be an older one or it could be defective. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming and you fix your save problem.