Ps3 will it be able use the guitar??????
  • Will the PS3 will it be able to use the regular controls for example the guitar for guitar hero???
  • The PS3 doesn't have the normal ports we use on the PlayStation 2 so you wouldn't be able to plug in directly. However, looking at the EB games web site I see they do have an adaptor listed that would allow PlayStation 2 controllers to be used on the PS3. Considering the price (a mere $5) I'd have to wonder just how good it would be, however.

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  • That's a good question. Sony have thought about the PS2 memory card being put through an adaptor port that will fit into one of the USB slots. Nothing has been said about the use of the old PS1 & PS2 joypads and other accessories like dance mats. I do know that you can get a USB joypad adaptor for your PC to use a Playstation joypad on. I wouldn't have thought that Sony would just leave out old stuff as the PS3 can play the back catalogue of PS1 & PS2 games and they have rumble features built into the game. Just won't be the same with the new 6-axis PS3 joypad.

    Will let people know when Sony release the PS3 and 3rd party items start coming out