Wedding website now live
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    [drupal=88]Wedding website now live[/drupal]

    [quote]Not long to go till I get dragged to my doom & marry Jane. Last count it's 214 days away. Got our flights booked last night,
  • Wedding website? I have seen it all now. :p

    Looks fantastic tho ;)
  • A naked greased up deaf guy, then you have seen it all. Working out updates now leaving no time to review some pretty good games. Got the message board working but rather not have people post until a weeks time. Got our music for the wedding sorted and are doing a "favour gift" of the CD for people, so far it's looking like a double CD as we have soooooo much music favourites to edit down to about 12-14 tracks. Listings of the tracks that we get married to will be posted on site along with music we want during the afternoon & evening reception. A good mixture of classical, rock, pop & metal for all tastes. Also sorted out a map of the venues in town & will sort out map of easy way from a main motorway + hotels nearby for people who are coming.
  • great work on the website Chris, looks amazing and there is some really nice words in there... I love the 'how we met' bit... down on one knee... you old romantic you !
  • I have seen a naked, greased (well baby oil, I think) up deaf and dumb bloke at a party once.... so you could officially say that I have "seen it all".

    Obviously you will have considered the copyright issues associated with producing music cds for guests - The Greatest Tiff and Jane Album in the World...Ever!!

    (What you do after considering the copyright issues will without question, be the correct course of action - of this I am certain.)