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    Once this semester is over, I'm going on a vacation. I don't know where..but I know I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go somewhere for a few days. And relax. Maybe I'll book a message too. I'm worn out from both work and school getting hectic. I figure once I get outta school for the semester, I deserve to sit back and relax. There are a couple problems here though. I would easily love to go somewhere over a weekend or something, but first off:
  • Save your hols till next year and come to the wedding lol!!
  • I guess it depends what sort of things you wanna do on your holiday (sorry vacation). Do you wanna sit back and relax or visit the sites? I know places I'd like to visit in the US, but what with you being a native then maybe they will either seem not worthy of visiting or you've already seen them. Anyway, I personally would like to visit Disney World, Orlando. Obvious I know, but there you go. Another place would be New York over christmas due to the massive parade they have there. The Grand Canyon looks like a good place to visit, White Water Rafting down er The Colorado River is it? Where else? Hollywood. Do the whole Famous People's Houses tour thingy. Er, what about visitng Niagra (spelling?) Falls?

    That's all I've really got. If you wanna leave the US then somewhere I'd like to visit is the Aztec Ruins in Mexico. What about there? Yes? No? :confused: