• ok, is there a proper way to change disk from one game to another?
    example: if your on a computer playing a game from a disk. it is not reccomended to just eject the disk and start another one. you mus shut down the game first, then change games or disk.
    example: on the Nintendo to change games you must first shut the system off reinsert the new game and then turn turn the machine back on.
    is there a proper way to change from one game to another for ps2?
    since i cant find out where to go to get this answer this all may be just accademic.
    for 0ne hour its 2:45 Los Ageles time I'll wait for a respose, since i cant find where to go to get the response.
    thanks again. robert
  • [b]Ok,VESUKI.This is just the kind of post for the PS2 Hardware Help forum-I'll move it there a bit later.

    As to your question,the proper way to change games is eject the disc,remove it and put in the game you want to play.Close the tray and push the reset button.That's pretty much it.It's all covered in the user guide that came with the system.
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  • [b]Like what Lyndon has said.

    If in doubt, read carefully the instruction manual that comes with your games console. Even the instruction manual that comes with a PS2 game tells you how to change game discs properly