Bully - Playstation 2
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  • The game bully is a good game. I play it and I like it. And I'm picky. So If I like it u will.
  • yea its a realy good game think. but in Aust the name of the game is the schools moto "canis canem edit" i looked the meaning up its latin for dog eat dog

    i liked it batter than gta san andreas.
  • this is one of the best games i have ever played
  • Its also called canis canem edit here, it was terrific. The ending as well
  • they were gonna bann this game because its a bad influence to students that go to school
    but still, it was great game
  • It looks like gta, but only in a smaller scale.

    Nice game to let out some steams... Hehe! I guess thats the only thing that is good in this game... no morals, insipration etc..