Computers are EVIL!!!!!
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    Well my computer crashed at the weekend.I should've put this earlier, but only got reminded about writing about the computer crash via a PM from Jim regarding my review.You see, when it crashed I was playing my new The Sims 2 Pets game. Dunno what happened really. One minute I was getting Hilary Duff to train her pet chihuahua (spelling?), the next my computer has some kind of memory error message thingy. I hate those messages.
  • computers are certainly a pain in the neck when they crash!

    I had my PC crash while playing the Sims 2 University. Made me very very upset.

    I lost all my sims files and my backup files to my fanfiction.:( Anyway..that's why I went with a mac...which doesn't crash quite as much.
  • After reading these I can come to only one conclusion- the Sims are a virus and shouldn't be played! :p

    This is why i stick to the consoles for gaming- some games can be very finicky on computers, at least on consoles they just have the one standard to work with.